Broadly speaking, my research interest lies in computational mathematics. I like to turn abstract math into working efficient code and apply it to solve real problems in various engineering domains, such as computer vision, positioning, and robotics. My language-of-choice is Julia, but I am also comfortable with Python, Matlab, Haskell, C and C++. Topics I have worked with include: computational algebraic geometry, geometric computer vision, algorithms for positioning, interval arithmetic, automated reasoning and fuzzy logic.

I strongly believe research software is a fundamental part of research, and I believe open-science and open-education are fundamental values. Combining the two, I believe writing good open-source research software is just as important as writing the paper describing the results. I try to promote these values as much as I can, maybe one day it will make the difference.

You can find my full list of publication in my academic cv.

Here some highlights of my latest research outputs

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